Snake Oil in Boone This Friday


George Pond Founder of Snake Oil Medicine Show circa 1992

I am super pumped to get to play and sing and dance with Snake Oil Medicine Show this Friday night in Boone, North Carolina.  We will be back in Boone, NC where we really got our start 14 years ago.  An evening with Snake Oil Medicine Show at the Dragonfly Theatre at 10 pm.  This is the link to the theatre  

George, Andy and I all lived in Boone for 8 years and we had a blast.  Billy Seawell and Sean Foley also spent a few years in Boone as well.  Snake Oil Medicine Show played at Rafters and Blues BBQ and The Emporium in Blowing Rock which is now called Canyons Restaurant.  It is so great to go back to Boone to celebrate our roots.  Now the whole gang of Snake Oil has relocated to Asheville.

I will have to tell you more about that show later on after the fact.  

This press photo was taken a couple of months ago in front of The Wedge and it cracks me up.  Everyone has the funniest expression.  Just in case you need to know names, here they are.  Listed left to right, he is pointing at you Mr.Sean (the Foil) Foley,

our ringleader MC, George Pond,

Caroline Pond (moi),

our vegetarian drummer Billy Seawell,

and of the Italian descent, Mr. Andy Pond.




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