Life is Yummy Make It Delicious

Here is a ditty for you, the start of a new tune for youdsc00688

Life is yummy make it delicious

choose your own flavor whatever your dish is

strawberry, rhubarb or sushi flavor

come on to my house lemme do a taster

vegetarian, pescetarian, breatheterian or raw foodist

I don’t care what you want to be just as long as its nutritious…..

That’s it folks for now on my little ditty.  


I am still in Hot Lanta and have had a delicious time for sure.dsc00564_2

 My sis Jane and I are chillin with my niece Josie.  It is raining cats and dogs outside.  


little pony at the princess party


Janie and Josie

We went to a kid party where the girls were dressed like princesses.  The birthday parents rented a menagerie of minature cows, ponies a pig, chickens and a rooster.  It was really cute seeing little kids with there first pig and pony encounter.  



my daredevil jetskiing brother Augie


Some of my family Mom, augie, Brynn, me, Josie and Dad(Poppy)

Thanksgiving was a blast with champagne and too much food and movie watching.  I went jet skiing with my brother Augie.  He still manages to scare the heck out of me after all these years that we have shared on this planet.  I believe we were going 86 mph on the lake and it was freezing.  I grabbed on tighly to his black leather jacket as we skimmed the glassy lake.  You know you have a redneck family if you go jet skiing on Thanksgiving. Too silly.


Jason Mraz, you gotta look him up....

To top my oh so delicious and yummy holiday, I did something really exciting tonight.  Spontaneously, I went to a Jason Mraz concert.  I just discovered him real recently.  My friend Finian of the Makepeace Brothers went on a tour with Jason this summer to Europe.  I heard Mraz on the radio this summer and just loved his positive song lyrics and I started looking him up on the Internet. I dig his style so much.  Jason not only is ultra talented musician, but he also is such a cutie pie, he plays ukulele, good dancer, he surfs and he owns an avocado farm. In addition, he has fabulous hair.   

I drove downtown by myself and bought a ticket from a scalper and went into this magnificent theatre called The Tabernacle and saw Jason Mraz.  Which possibly, is the best concert I have ever seen.  He was so positive and he got everyone to sing and to dance.  It was a hoot.  I am so inspired……

Well, I am off to bed and in the morning I head back to my Asheville Mountain Home.  What a delicous and yummy trip I had………


Just another random rooster at the princess party


5 thoughts on “Life is Yummy Make It Delicious

  1. Sweet Caroline!!!

    We have had some fun-ass redneckin’ holidays for sure!!!

    Come back to Cakalackie and lets hang out and pick some, my dear little musical angel….

    -p.s. that josie sure has a full head of hair!

    i love you!

  2. Wow, those boys (Jason and his really good band) are hammering some road miles. We just put them on here in Spokane on November 7th; now they are all the way diagonally across the nation. Glad to see they still have that same high energy; pretty damn fun aren’t they.

  3. Hey Caroline!
    Doing the weekly google check for my boys and, lo and behold, your blog pops up. FYI, the Makepeace Brothers toured with Jason Mraz last April, and connected with him in England this summer while on their own tour there. Mraz is amazing –what an acrobatic voice. Will you be playing or spectating at Shakori this Spring? Would love to see you there. peace, Brian.

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