Hot Boiled Peanuts in Sweet Georgia

dsc004911Yes I am glad that Georgia is on my mind.  God Bless America I love the South.  If for only 2 things, sweet tea and Hot Boiled Peanuts. dsc004861  I am currently taking my sweet southern time getting down to my Georgia ancestral home for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  In fact, I am pulled over at the Georgia Visitor Center because of a safety issue.   No, nothing is wrong with my car and I ain’t sick.  The safety issue is this, and I heed warning to all you folks out there who love hot boiled peanuts. dsc00495 Eating hot boiled peanuts while driving ludicrous speeds down a major highway is incredibly dangerous!!!!!  I did not realize this because usually I am with others who enjoy this pleasure of eating such a southern cuisine and I am usually in the passenger seat.  Hot boiled peanut eating is a 2 handed food.  When you bite into them its like eating a crustacean.  You have to break the spine with your teeth just to get to the meat in the shell and you have to use 2 hands to get into it.  It is divine.  I am enjoying the Cajun Recipe which happens to be my favorite.  The pain of these salty spicy hot nuts on my already chapped lips is worth it 100 percent..   When you do bite into these Hot boiled peanuts the juices go everywhere.   So this is why to be safe for myself as well as other Turkey Day Travelers I have found myself pulled over into a Georgia resting area.   I wonder what kind of food my northern buddies eat while on the road.  I bet Bill Hall my northern buddy has a tough time eating his favorite cuisine while driving.  He loves pork butt.  Which kind of grosses me out but it makes me laugh.dsc004821


Okay my sister Jane just called me to find out where the heck I am.  I have got to motor.  I will write more this evening before retiring.   I think I have officially become a blogeek.  If this isn’t a word already, it needs to be.  My blog may be silly but it makes me really happy to come up with funny stories about my life.  So, I am on my computer and I am a blogeek jotting down this blog to plug into cyberspace later on tonite.   Oh dang, I gotta scoot………


Safely pulled over at a Georgia rest area eating my nuts


I can't believe how cheap gas is these days


Tom, Jane and Baby Josie



6 thoughts on “Hot Boiled Peanuts in Sweet Georgia

  1. Embrace your inner blogeekiture. Doesn’t the peach on the state welcome sign remind you of a young (but faceless) Jimmy Carter? His hair is perfect.

  2. thank you for choosing safety over convenience and speed, and thank you also for using CITGO gasoline; the people of a South American country directly reap the benefits thereof–food, education, health care.

    Yum, hot boiled peanuts, almost as good as curried cashews

  3. ooh now I might have to try some curried cashews. And yes that peach really does look like a young jimmy carter, bless his heart.

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