Fireoil Snake Crackers

Do you ever get funburned????  No, not sunburned but funburned.  This has been yet another fun-filled fantastic weekend.  I have been on the move for days and here I find myself again on a Sunday crawlin’ back into my lair plum tuckered. Yes, Sunday nights are bliss because I just recoup from my crazy weekends and plop onto my bed.


Reese on piano


The Hornsection of The Firecracker Jazz Band with Krekel and Corbie


Snake Oil photo taken by Tine Hoffman

 I hung with Snake Oil and Firecracker Jazz Band last night, where we did a benefit at The Westville Pub to help out the co-op in West Asheville. The Snakes invited the horn section from the Firecrackers (Henry, Earl and Je) to play on a reggae tune called “Rudy.”   And Reese hopped on piano for “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby.”  I love this team of musicians so much.   I hope that we can work more together and do shows in the future. What should we call this fusion?  a) Fireoil Snake Crackers b) Snake Fire Cracker Jazz Show c) Snake Crackers drizzled in Oil Jazz d) Punk Of The Snake Firecracker America.   You know that if you ever need a band name, I have found a useful website that you can go to and they will generate names for you.  This is the link:

After our performance at the Benefit, the majority of us Snakes and Firecrackers went disco dancing next door.  Now that was a hoot.  I vow to start bringing my camera around to document some fun times.  I am so inspired by Ami Worthen, because she brings her camera everywhere for pure blogging enjoyment.


photo of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo by Frank Merenda

Today, I went to the Grey Eagle and met up with Cactus, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.  Positive hip hop for kids.  Woody Wood, The Pond Brothers and I got up on stage and played some tunes for all the excited kids out in the crowd.  There must have been 478 kids out there.  There were balloons, clowns, ice cream and some zany costumes.  I sang “Luck” with Cactus.  This song made #1 on the Kids XM Radio, so I am really proud of that.  Jason Krekel also recorded on that song with us.  Here is a link to Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and I believe you can hear the song “Luck” on his page.


Hey my kombucha drink is backwards here but you get the picture.

Well, I suppose that’s about it.  I am going to chill out and watch a movie and drink my Synergy Kombucha Drink.  Passionberry Bliss is my favorite.  I love my Sundays.  Sundays to relax……..Ta ta fa now………..


One thought on “Fireoil Snake Crackers

  1. i love you caroline!
    this blog rules~~~

    i enjoy the reading of your adventures…
    keep it up, you are great!!!

    i love you!

    ghippeto stilletto pinnochio

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