Yogi Girlfriends Headin’ Into Town


Uma, Caroline and Brenda Star Walker in Florida at Mag Fest 07'

It is Friday night.  I am exhausted.  I have had a full and exciting day!!!  I look forward to every day and try to live life to its fullest.  One of my favorite things to do for going out is staying in. I did so much today, I visited friends, played music, worked out at the Y.  Golly a girl couldn’t ask for anything better.  I just really don’t have time for boredom..   Tomorrow morning I get to do a Yoga workshop led by Nicole Potter.  My Yogi girls from Jacksonville, Florida who got me into yoga years ago will be at the workshop , I am so excited.  Also Snake Oil has a gig with Firecracker Jazz Band doing a benefit in West Asheville.  So, more stories later for you..  Hope you all stay warm and cozy and safe.  Much love and have a fantastic weekend.


Have a wonderful weekend folks..... Much love and light, Caroline




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