Sunday Nights are Bliss

I am so cozy loving life just chillin in my bed after a long weekend.  Got my pajamas on and am sippin on a Hot Toasty Rama.  If you want the recipe let me know, its delicious.  Just reflecting on the weekend.  I love my life.  photo-169In all its bad times and good times.  Right now I am particularly just following my bliss and just focusing on what Caroline needs and working on my own workbook so I can be strong and uplift others. I just want to be an ambassador for positivity and peace and uplift my fellow man and woman and kids too….


Billy's Mom Angie

On Friday night I played with Snake Oil in Raleigh and it is like just playing music with my family.  I love those boys sooooo much.  I also enjoyed sippin on champagne with my Boone girlfriend, my little French Scientist, Maggie McVeigh before the show.  She is so my girl and we just uplift each other wherever we are in our lives.  Its great to have friends like that.  After the show we stayed with Billy, the vegetarian drummers mom, Angie.  She gave us a soft landing, with tons of coffee in the morning and breakfast.  She loves her boo boo, Billy so much.  He could do no wrong in her eyes, its the cutest thing ever seeing Mom and son as best friends.


Ami and Krekel with yummy martinis


Nicole, Joe and Sean with yummy martinis

Saturday we rolled in to Asheville and Sean Foley and I literally had to jump off the van and regroup and go to the Sugar & Spice Show at Firestorm Books Cafe.  I love playing with Ami and Krekel soooo much..  We had a blast.  Ami and I did a Fleetwood Mac cover, some Reggae tunes, swing tunes, fiddle tunes and some other fun tunes like “I want to marry a Lifehouse Keeper”.  On one of our set breaks we ran across the street to the tiki bar and all 6 of us got the same exact drinks.  They were so good I forgot what they were called, but they had coffee, kahula, vodka and some chocolate in it.. Delish…So You can imagine that when we returned to our show that it took on a whole new meaning….. Ha ha…. Lushlife Original Designs had there booth set up and people were shopping and listening to music.  

After the show we all broke down our equipment and went shopping at The Vintage Moon next door.  They had gramaphones, neat artwork and awesome vintage clothing.  We went upstairs and enjoyed a wine tasting.  Alexis the owner of Lushlife joined a few of us for dinner at a delicious Thai Restaurant downtown.  After eating a delicious Coconut Curry Vegetable Dish I went home and crashed.

Today, which is Sunday has been equally as packed.  I had some coffee with my girlfriends Nicole and Michelle, I practiced with a swing band at 4pm and had a sushi supper with my photographer friend Joshua.   

What a fun fulfilling lovely weekend.  Now its time to rest in my cozy little place.

Goodnight and God Bless!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Nights are Bliss

  1. hey i was just checking out your facebook and decided to check out your blog per your request…so glad i did, it’s quite sweet and saccharin like you seem to be 😉 u just misremembered to mention “the annoying guy whats-his-face at the Raleigh show surely tested our patience, but we trooped thru the set like true pros!”

    Well here’s looking forward to your next blog and your next show in the triangle. peace

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