Fabulous Fall Weekend


Lovely Fall day in front of my friend Danya's house

I couldn’t ask for a better weekend and its not even over yet.  Friday, I went and visited my friend Ami and sat on her porch chewing the fat and catching up.  Ami had to get ready for her gig at the Grey Eagle and I sauntered across the street to visit my friend Danya.  She and I walked all over Montford.  The leaves and the skies were so surreal.  We walked through a wedding on Zilicoa Street and then went and visited some friends.  I just love my neighborhood.  

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to stay in.  I enjoyed the hell out of just chillin’ out in my room on a Friday night.  Just reading, playing my tenor guitar, doing laundry, putting a clay mask on my face, watching movies and surfing the net.  


Joe in front of the Wedge

Saturday I woke up and had coffee and got my car detailed.  It was such a lovely warm sunny day and I went over to the Wedge Gallery to meet the Snake Oil guys to play in Sean’s studio.


The Wedge

 There was a River Arts District Studio Stroll and I had such a lovely time.  I ran into my darling friend Joe and we watched jugglers in the sunlight and sipped beer in the courtyard.  The Wedge Gallery rocks.



Georgie and the Foil

   I played music with George and Sean for hours in the studio.  George decorated the space with his artwork and his outfit matched the walls. What an amazing Saturday.   


Juggling girl in the sunshine

Saturday evening, I went over to my buddy Russ’ house and helped celebrate his birthday.  Many musicians gathered and played jazz and sang.  


just chillin in the studio


georgie matchin the walls



Well it’s Sunday now and the skies are electric blue and I just can’t wait to see what adventures unfold for me today.  I am generally happy as can be and loving this Fall of 2008.  Every day has been very interesting. I hope that whoever is reading this blog is having a wonderful day and living life to the fullest.   Much love and blessings to you.  


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