Jamaican Food and Work-outs


a lovely jamaican lady making us peas and rice in Negril

One Love, Two Jamaican Restaurant on Market Street is my new favorite restaurant in Asheville.  Oh my gosh!!!  Super duper delicious.  

peas and rice and cabbage

peas and rice and cabbage

So authentic, it reminds me of being in Negril and eating callalloo, peas and rice, plantains, cabbage and akee.


Key lime pie in the foreground and Henry chowin on some fried chicken after a work out..

I was loving every mouthful and dousing each bite with some scotch bonnet sauce.  My dining buddy, Henry and I had just finished a huge work out and we were starving so we found this cute little Jamaican restaurant.  We are motivating each other to work out.  I push him on the cardio machines and he is the weight lifting expert.  So fun.  Henry says our goal is to get so buff that one person makes one magazine cover and the other makes another magazine cover.  However, I really think we may be going 2 steps forward with our workouts and 10 steps back with that delicious key lime pie we had for dessert at One Love, Two.   I told H that we cannot make a habit of this or I will never make a magazine cover.  Ha ha…..Yall have just got to go eat there.  If you want some authentic Jamaican food and culture, grab yourself a booth and enjoy some Ital one love food.  Hey, infact, if you do go let me know cuz I’ll go with ya..jamaica04-3401


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