Red-Tongued Girl Got Some Hope

I am just sitting outside having a little bit of break from work and enjoying my favorite lunch vegetable. Can you guess what it is????  Yeh that’s right, Beets.  Are ya’ll tired of me talking about beets???  I am obsessed!!  I love how a cute little vegetable stains your hands and your tongue and your counter tops.  Luckily I am enjoying my beets in a red fiesta bowl, so it won’t be that hard to clean…photo-1651 I am thouroughly enjoying the nice warm sunshine and I just smell the vibrant soul of our country.  I sense progress and renewed energy.  Yey Obama!!! Go America…  This is such an exciting time for us.  I just wanted to say that both McCain and Obama had the most wonderful speeches.  I was moved to tears because both these men are extraordinary. I pray and send out positive healing vibes to our country and the world with some new freshness.   

As I finish my beets, I want to say that I really want to eat more raw foods in my life and continue eating healthy.  I have had the flu bug and the case of the creepie crawlies for over a week now and golly gee I forget to be really thankful when I am healthy.  Being ill is such a pain in the arse.  You can’t get all the stuff on your to-do list done.  But, in a way, that is a good thing because I just holed up in my cute little room, my sanctuary with my pink curtains and paintings and just read and watched movies.   I will have to blog about my room that I call my sanctuary later.  photo-1661Well I better get cleaning the beet stains off my fingers, tongue and bowl and head back into work.  This red-tongued girl has got some real hope for the world.  I also want to dedicate this blog post to my dear sweet California Poppy girlfriend who lives in Nor Cal, Delphine Dolphin Davidson, who is starting to read my rantings.  Much Love and Juniper Berries…photo-3




One thought on “Red-Tongued Girl Got Some Hope

  1. Beets rock. They are truly one of the great tubers of this earth; and a member of the amaranth family which is one of those forgotten great food groups. Thanks for appreciating them as much as the rest of us beet eaters.

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