Wow it’s Election Day!!!!

What a beautiful Fall day.  Blue sunny skies, red, orange and yellow trees.  I love it!!!!!…. Today is election day and my roomate and I got up super early and walked 2 blocks from our apartment to the voting booths. We got some free Starbucks coffee on the way.  It was easy and so breezy, it took all about 20 minutes.  It seems like citizens of Asheville are a happy bunch due to the spirited voting campaign and the cheaper gas prices ($2.42 per gallon).  I am so glad I was a good citizen and did my part in voting for our future. I have receveived approximately 28 phone calls on my cell phone from both party supporters and at least 9 volunteers have knocked on my door.  I even was asked who I was voting for and if I needed a ride to the voting location. This has been a very interesting campaign for sure.

Four years ago (2004) I was in San Francisco, waiting for the Snake Oil guys to drive in for our Western tour.  I just remember walking around town when the results came in and that Blue State was feeling very blue because of the outcome.  Many of the people in San Fran were wearing black and the overall mood seemed somber.  Hopefully this time, no matter what the outcome of our future president, that we have a positive change for our country.  I eagerly await the results……. Let’s see what happens….


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