The Beet Controversy

I just got off the phone with my mom and she thinks I have completely gone nuts.  There is a case of mistaken identity with the beets blog.  There is a dispute in the statement of accepted fact that I thought that the beets were from a can and they had little ring indention marks on them and they were cut into perfect size circles.  My mother told me that what I thought were beets, in actuality, is canned cranberry sauce.  So this is too funny.  I am glad my mom corrected me on this and I am even more happy that she even reads this silly blog.

 Thanks Mom, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Beet Controversy

  1. So….I experienced the delightful deliciousness of beets this year as well….I had the same feeling about those ooey gooey, “beets” around the table during the holiday seasons and would never lay a finger on them~ back in the Spring I was receiving shares from FiveLeavesFarm in Blythewood, SC and they hooked me up with some organic raw beets so naturally i had to try them, but first had to ask how the heck to prepare them…well they were quite dirty from the farm so I rinsed them off in cold water, boiled them in hot water for awhile and peeled the skins off! I decided to try one and ended up eating 2 lbs of beets for dinner b/c they were SOOO scrumptous!!!! Sweet and Filling! I couldn’t believe how wonderful they were and are now one of my favorite foods! Shredding them up in a salad sounds great I will have to try that sometime! I am very glad Jeremy sent me in this blog direction to discuss how wonderful BEETS are and maybe he believes a tiny bit more now that another one of his friends has the same tastes for BEETS ! They are one of the best things I have ever tasted in my entire life!! I was amazed! 🙂 Just goes to show you don’t knock it before you try it right?

    + a little tid bit from my healing with whole foods book which is an excellent book I might add – Beets: Strengthen the heart, sedate the spirit, improve circulation, purifies the blood, benefit the liver (in case you need any detoxing:) moistens the intestines, promotes menstruation.

    Caution: The greens contain abundant oxalic acid, and if eaten excessively, inhibit calcium metabolism.

    Did you try the greens too? I tried cookin’ em up but, uh, maybe I need a different recipe.

  2. Tinabobina thanks so much for your lovely comment. So good to hear from you. I think I am going to roast some beets and sweet potatoes and butternut squash this evening and steam some kale. Yummy

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