Cupcakes, Zippers and Pink Convertibles

photo taken by Vincent Tseng

photo taken by Vincent Tseng

Shall we begin……  Let me have another sip of my coffee….I have been sooooo busy and without Internet to write in my blog but I had such a fun-filled, family time in Atlanta, Georgia.  Snake Oil played a gig in Little 5 Points and we had so much fun, but I believe this is where I got a flu bug.  There was no soap in the bathroom and I stayed up entirely toooo late.  

After our gig on Saturday, we all headed over to Paul and Sunshine’s huge home and crashed out like the dead.  Paul and Sunshine own Tree Sound Studios where we have done many of our recordings.  They are such sweet friends to us and Sunshine is my yoga sister.  Sunshine made us a delicious breakfast and French Pressed tons of coffee rounds.  We had a beautiful time reconnecting with them.  Paul was telling us about how he went with Laura Reed and Deep Pocket to a prison in North Carolina and recorded it.

It was time for me to leave my band and Paul and Sunshine and meet up with my buddy and talented photographer, Jon Weiner.  We did a photo shoot in Lilburn, Georgia.  My job was to pose in front of a 1957 Pink Convertible Ford Thunderbird and that is what I did.  The weather was fantastic and I had a blast driving that car.  I need this car really bad.   I fell in love with it.





Cash, Bridget and Brynn with cupcakes

While at my brother Augie’s house I relaxed and played with my niece and nephew Brynn and Cash. We made cupcakes, read books, laughed alot and went and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen.  Brynn loved to decorate her cupcakes in pink icing.


On Tuesday while I was chillin’ out reading a book and nursing my cold, I got a phone call from Jimbo Mathus from the Squirrel Nut Zippers.  He asked me if I wanted to come and play my violin with them at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.  I told him I would be there.  And I am so glad I did.  I had so much fun with those sweet people.  Catherine is so sweet and fun and she has impeccable style and Jimbo cracks me up.  The Zippers travel with a photographer, Joshua Weinfeld, and he is such a talented photographer and a guitar tech guy, a Jack of all trades kind of guy.  SNZ is a tightly woven team and a well oiled machine.  

So now I am in Asheville, Snake Oil has a 2 evening stint at The Rocket Club with the La Zoom Bus Tour Company.  Many costumes and side show revelries.  Burlesque ladies, a 6 foot man eating chicken, Train Wrecks and Snake Oil Medicine Show.  One show down and one show to go.

I am going to rest up my voice a little bit more.  It is still lost.  Hopefully to return shortly.

Much Love to whoever reads this stuff…..  xoxo


One thought on “Cupcakes, Zippers and Pink Convertibles

  1. Great report! Glad you’re back online. It was really fun seeing you last night and singing with ya’ll a bit. I hope you voice is better today!

    love ya,

    p.s. So glad we finally have a Sugar & Spice show planned!

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