Heading to Atlanta

Frantically I am running around like a chicken with her head cut off getting ready to skidaddle.  I have been sooo busy this week.  I believe I played my fiddle every night this week for hours.  A social butterfly dropping by jam sessions and learning so many swing and jazz tunes that my heart is filled.  Also I recorded my new song Digga Deep at my downstairs neighbors studio, Wu Media.  We will be going into video production mode in the next couple of weeks for my very first music video.  Stay Tuned!

Snake Oil at Mag Fest 2007

Snake Oil at Mag Fest 2007

So off to Atlanta I go for a week filled with adventures.  I will be meeting Snake Oil Medicine Show in Little Five Points for our gig at the 5 Spot.  I am about to meet up with these characters.

Pond Brothers

Pond Brothers

I will most likely be writing my next post from my brother Augie’s house in Lake Lanier.  So I will write more later.


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