Hump Day all Day Long

Well it’s just the bump and grind of the middle of the week and I am finding so much to do on my to-do-list. Not much really to write here, but I am trying to keep in the practice of keepin’ up with my BLOG.  I have to go practice with two bands this evening.  A jazz band and Snake Oil Medicine Show.  So my evening will be filled with music and creativity.

Cash and Aunt Caroline in St John, Virgin Islands

I have quite a few things that I am looking forward to and I will write about them later.  I am heading to Atlanta for a Snake Oil gig on Saturday.  We are playing at the 5 Spot in Little 5 Points.  Rumor has it that there are gonna be a lot of costume freaks out there in the audience as well as on stage.  People want to do a trial run of their Halloween costume before the Big night.   On Sunday, I am going to do a photo shoot with photographer Jon Weiner.  So, I will get to post pics up on here eventually.  I am going to pose in front of a 1957 Pink Ford Convertible Thunderbird.  How fun!!!!!   Then the rest of the week I am going to hang with my cute little niece and nephew.  Aunt Caroline is going to hang with Brynn and Cash and have some serious family fun…

That’s it for now.  More stuff later.   Cheers yall and Happy Hump Day!!!!!!


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