Caroline Pond Joining Blog World

Hi folks.  Here I am, joining the blog world in cyberspace.  Over the past several months I have thoroughly enjoyed reading my friend’s blogs and keeping up with their stories.  Especially, my dearest friend, Ami Worthen’s blog, I am so inspired to do my own blog now and write my own stories and adventures in this crazy life that we live in.  So many twists and turns that I get to experience on my everyday pathway.  My sister Jane says I ought to write a book about my adventures, so maybe this will be the beginning of that.  Forgive my grammar, hopefully it will clear up the more I do this.  Ha ha….

sippin some coffee and thinkin about starting a blog

I really don’t know where to begin, but I will let you know where I am right now.  It’s a cool, brisk sunny Sunday and with the words of my dear friend Phil Cheney, “my coffee is cooling off and the morning is melting away into the day”.   Phil Cheney also has a blog and you can find it by clicking onto .   I am just lounging around in my apartment with my pajamas on.  Listening to Keith Frank’s new zydeco tune called “Overcome”.   I have been listening to this song over and over and it makes me so happy and is currently my theme song in my heart right now.  “I will overcome this time, yes I believe.”  Sometimes your heart is so loaded down with the state of affairs of your personal life and your surroundings of the world.  And it’s so good to get grounded into your own business and feel all the feelings and be okay with the good, the bad and the ugly..  Luckily, I have friends and family that love me for who I am.  I love my community, my Snake Oil guys, my music, my friends, my family and my life.  I feel so blessed to be here on this planet to experience all the twists and turns that pop up on my pathway..

Last night I went to Tryon, North Carolina with my friend Jon Corbin to the Fine Arts Theatre.  We saw an amazing jazz guitarist named Frank Vignola.  He was incredible.  Frank’s style was very much like Django Reinhardt.  He had a violinist with him that was so smooth and he looked very much like Groucho Marx.  In addition, a fabulous bassist, mandolin player and another guitar player joined Frank on stage.  I just love seeing inspiring musicians.

Well, it’s time for me to sign off.  I am so jacked on coffee and I need to go walk around my neighborhood and work out some of this energy…..


7 thoughts on “Caroline Pond Joining Blog World

  1. Howdy stranger! Too long no see…and yes, Frank is a fantastic guitar player. You correctly nailed the D’jango influence…he was Stephan Grappeli’s guitarist as well as Mark O’Connor’s Hot String Trio partner playing old hot jazz tunes. I had the good fortune to work with him a few years ago. I hope all is well…congrats on the blog!

  2. Josie saw your blog and made me do one for her. She is a firecracker! Love, Jane
    Oh..her blog is

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